Most people accept that health can be divided into two broad aspects - physical and mental health.
Physical health

For humans, physical health means a good body health, which is healthy because of regular physical activity (exercise), good nutrition, and adequate rest. Another term for physical health is physical wellbeing. Physical wellbeing is defined as something a person can achieve by developing all health-related components of his/her lifestyle.

Some people divide physical health into two separate sections:
  • Structural health - this refers to sound bones, muscles, organs etc.
  • Chemical health - good chemical health means that the chemicals in the person's body are correct, that tissues contain the right balance of nutrients, etc., and there are no toxic chemicals.
Mental health

Mental health refers to people's cognitive and emotional well-being. A person who enjoys good mental health does not have a mental disorder. People have always found it easier to explain what mental illness is, rather than mental health. Most people agree that mental health refers to the "absence of mental illness".

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