Top 10 Nutrition Tips: by Skip La Cour

01/06/2013 15:40

The organizing principles of good nutrition that will take this area of your bodybuilding and training efforts to the next level!


1. Place A High Priority On Eating. You must place a very high priority on the way you eat if you want to take your physique to the next level. The way you eat is far more important than the way you train.  You're in the gym for about an hour a day. It's what you do during those other 23 hours of the day that are going to make the biggest impact on your progress.


2. Burn More Calories. You must burn more calories than you eat if you want to lose body fat. It doesn't matter if almost all of the food you eat is good, healthy food, you must burn more than you eat or you'll get fat.


3. Don't Look For The "Perfect" Diet. Stop looking for the "perfect" diet. Nothing worth having in life comes without some sacrifice. Eating the way you must to build the body you want will be no exception. In the long run, it's the challenges that we face that makes what we have rewarding. How enjoyable would life be if everything was easy? When you start adhering to a particular eating regimen, anticipate the discipline, sacrifice, and discomfort that comes with the pursuit of any worthwhile goal.


4. Keep It Simple. Keep your diet simple. That way, you'll give yourself a better chance to follow through and ultimately achieve successful results. If you must make your diet more complex, do so on the weekends only.


5. Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals. Eat smaller, more frequent and well-balanced meals spaced evenly throughout the day. Your body will use the nutrients in your food more efficiently. You'll build more muscle and prevent body fat this way.


6. Eat Pre-Workout. If you want to make sure you preserve as much muscle mass as possible, you should start eating a small protein-based meal with high-gylcemic carbohydrates before every one of your weight training and cardiovascular training sessions.


7. Set A Time Limit. Set a time limit for your workout. Your weight training sessions should last no longer than one hour. More isn't better--not when it comes to bodybuilding and training.


8. Eat The Right Carbs. Carbohydrates serve as an essential part in the muscle-building process. Instead of trying to eliminate carbohydrates altogether, you should make sure you are eating the right types of carbohydrates at the right times of day. High-glycemic carbohydrates (potatoes, simple sugars are best before and after your workouts; low-glycemic carbohydrates like vegetables are great throughout the rest of the day.


9. Be Patient. If you are not getting the results you want with your diet, you'll need to raise your standards. You either need to do a "little more of this" or a "little less of that." You may also need to make these changes for a longer period of time.


10. Accept All Responsibility. Don't blame your diet when you aren't getting the results you want. Take 100 percent responsibility for your success and failure. Just about any eating program can be effective--if you follow through on a consistent basis. If you aren't getting the results you want, assume that the problem is in your approach.